Lack of Employee Safety Measures Costs Everybody

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 25-Jul-2013

No One Expects to Be Injured On the Job

Take falls for instance. They are embarrassing at best and fatal at worst. – but when an employer does not protect workers from fall hazards, it is always a serious matter.

According to Diane Turek, and OSHA Area Director in Chicago, “falls [are] the leading cause of death in the construction industry”. In the world of construction, falling down can mean a worker can plunge hundreds of feet, potentially ricocheting off off, or landing in/on a variety of pieces of equipment or building materials sustaining a workplace accident that can leave the worker with life changing permanent injury, or even fatal injuries. The impact to the worker and his or her family can be devastating both emotionally and financially.

For example, an Illinois-based company recently received eight citations for various violations related to preventing a construction accident due to a fall. These violations included failing to provide fall protection while workers were on a pitched roof; failing to provide fall protection while workers were on a flat roof; and failing to ensure head protection. These violations were actually repeat offenses, and the employer is now facing nearly $74,000 in potential fines. While OSHA is endeavoring to make it clear that willful violations of safety regulations that can result in work injury will not be tolerated, unfortunately, unsafe conditions such as these exist every day at work sites all over the country. What’s worse, such injuries can be prevented when employers put the safety of their workers first.

Not only workers and their loved ones suffer for reckless employer behavior. Safe employers also pay for unsafe work places in the form of higher premiums.

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