Work-related Injuries on the Rise in the US

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 5-Jul-2013

According to a recent study done by AFL-CIO, 3.8 million workers are expected to experience work-related injuries on the job, while an estimated 50,000 will experience occupational deaths.

The highest rates of fatalities occurred in the fishing and logging industry, while nursing and public-sector jobs led the numbers in highest illness/non-death injuries on the job. AFL-CIO believes that it is the lack of funding for governmental groups to prosecute occupational safety laws that is responsible for the rise in death tolls/work injuries.

While administration groups like OSHA and MSHA are proposed to be governmental groups to diminish these numbers, many are critical of their ability to create change. Due to current staffing levels, AFL-CIO reports, it’d take around 113 years for them to investigate the 8 million businesses they are assigned to manage the levels of safety for the country. With these low levels of available workers, it makes their job difficult to catch when employers are actually violating current health code and safety laws.

How can these numbers be changed? Recognize the issue is impacting Americans across the board, as well as our economy, and address the challenge with revised policies and legislation! The Protecting the America’s Workers Act aims to be passed in order to aid these groups strengthen violations against unjust employers with unfair practices in order to protect their employees from harsh conditions, work injuries, and strengthen the rights of unions and victims.

What Can You Do to Contribute to the Cause?

Rely on personal aid, as governmental aid is still unstable, and unable to respond to all of the jobs it has left to do. Due to this under staffing and underfunded and overall backlogged workload of these two governmental groups, it’s within your best interest to report unfair business practices directly to a workers’ compensation attorney. Through legal aid, an individual is more likely to receive the attention, through the proper modes of channels and help to gain awareness to their cause and imitate change.

If you or someone you know has recently suffered a work-related injury, don’t hesitate to get the help you deserve. Answer questions, and receive critical and progressive moves towards the benefits you deserve with the help of Thomas F. Martin PLC.

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