Work Injury Amputee Gets Bionic Hands

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 30-Dec-2014

This year was life changing for a south Houston man who lost both of his hands when he accidentally grabbed a live power line on the job.

Scott Carriker is the first double hand amputee in Houston and back at work within 6 months of the accident. Less than a year ago, he worked as an electrical lineman and was shocked accidentally gripping a power line – resulting in a severe work injury amputation.The line sent 7200 volds into his body through one hand and out the other hand. Carriker is thankful to be alive.

“I was brought to Hermann Memorial with life threatening injuries, which resulted in the loss of both of my hands and both wrists,” Carriker said.

That didn’t stop this work injury amputee from accepting the circumstance and making moves. With family help, he found bionic hands, covered by workers compensation, that could be fitted in Houston by a specially-trained upper limb prosthetist.

The bionic hands have been called "the most advanced bionic hands in the world." This is due to a specialized smartphone app that allows Carriker to make the hands perform a variety of different movements and gestures (as opposed to the generic open/close) by tapping respective buttons on his iPhone. Carriker says that his bionic hands have given him his life back.

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