Does Workers' Compensation Cover Just Your Medical Bills?

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 21-Dec-2016

Medical bills and hospital costs after unexpected injuries and accidents are some of the leading costs of bankruptcy in America. In acknowledgement of how expensive medical treatment can be, even for comparatively minor injuries, workers’ compensation in most states provides benefits that will cover huge majorities of medical bills for injured workers. For employees that cannot come to work due to a work-related injury, this coverage is truly an irreplaceable boon.

But medical costs are not the only fees and bills that can add up while a person is unable to complete regular work duties. The rest of life does not slow down, and so workers’ compensation benefits can also provide for other necessities and costs as well. These extra coverages are generally capped out at about two-thirds what you make in an average month of work.

You can also get workers’ compensation coverage that helps pay for:

  • Rehabilitation: Initial medical costs related to diagnoses and emergency treatment are not all that you need to worry about. Most injuries require some sort of rehabilitation for recovery to be adequate. Workers’ comp benefits can pay for rehabilitation fees as well.
  • Retraining: You might not be able to ever return to your regular work duties due to an on-the-job injury but that doesn’t mean you are completely gone from the workforce. If you need specialized retraining to start a new job, you should be compensated for it.
  • Restructuring: Some injuries are so debilitating that you actually need to make adjustments to your living space, such as a wheelchair ramp or motorized seat up and down stairs. In rare cases, workers’ compensation can provide partially for these costs.
  • Survivor benefits: Family members of a worker who passes away from a work-related injury are often afforded survivor benefits to help pay for final medical bills and funeral costs.

Benefits are Not Guaranteed

The key thing to remember is that workers’ compensation benefits are not granted automatically. Many injured workers end up getting the minimum amount possible and struggle to get by while they recover only because they never take the time to ask – read: fight – for more compensation. If you are worried about being given little to no workers’ comp coverage, it is time to stand up for yourself and get the help you deserve.

At Thomas F. Martin, PLC, our Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer is well-known throughout Santa Ana and the entire region for being the solution to workers’ comp case woes. When your employer or their insurer is giving you the run-around and all you want is to be able to rest comfortably knowing you are being taken care of properly, you want our firm’s representation. Contact us online or call 714.594.5389 for a free case evaluation to get started.

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