Convenience Packs May Be Driving Up Your Workers' Comp Cost

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 20-Jun-2016

There is something strange going on in the world of workers’ compensation benefits and patient medicine – something arguably mislabeled. If you pay attention to your workers’ comp statements, you may have already noticed that convenience packs have started to become less convenient and more of a burden.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a convenience pack, or co-pack, is a bundling of medications into one box to help patients and the injured ensure they do not miss a dosage. It sounds simple on the surface but inexplicable price hikes in co-packs have given plenty of people reason to pause. For example: One tube of diclofenac gel, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, will probably cost close to $60; when it is bundled into a co-pack with some antibacterial wipes, it is suddenly $500 or more. Have you ever seen a pack of antibacterial wipes worth $440?

Don’t let a convenience pack drain your workers’ compensation benefits!

Driving up costs is bad for everyone, except the pharmaceutical companies making these inaptly-named convenience packs. Your employer providing the workers’ compensation benefits will probably take notice of the unusual rise of cost but the consequence trickles down to you, the person reliant on the benefits to get by. If you are provided $1,000 in workers’ comp a month and your medicine suddenly costs $500 because it came with cleaning wipes, you just lost half of your benefits for the price of “convenience.”

Not all co-packs are subject to unexplained pricing spikes, though; many are convenient and help people get all the medication they need for their treatments. In order to stay ahead of the issue, you should review what your workers’ compensation benefits are paying for. You can sometimes identify co-packs by name on a statement, such as DermaSilk DicloPak or DS Prep Pak. If the cost next to a particular item seems suspiciously high, inquire about it.

If the costs of your convenience pack is suspectedly high, then Thomas F. Martin, PLC can help you by reviewing your charges and pursuing compensation when needed.

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