Federal Government May Get Involved with Workers' Comp Claims

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 14-Oct-2016

According to the United Stated Department of Labor (DOL), workers’ compensation laws across the country could be in for a big change down the road. Currently, most workers’ compensation programs are run at a state-level but talks of developing legislation could potentially add massive federal government oversight. Many organizations, including the popular National Public Radio (NPR), have expressed concern that this would likely lead to a trend of weakening compensation benefits and laws as a whole; other groups with the same sentiment include insurance companies and small-scale employers.

The DOL has stated that within the last decade, polices and laws have:

  • Limited benefits to the average worker.
  • Complicated the requirements for successful applications.
  • Generally discouraged injured employees from seeking benefits.

Within a newly-released DOL report, there was the claim that federal government oversight would be necessary in states that do not meet certain workers’ compensation program standards. Beyond this general idea, several states are currently working on revised workers’ comp bills. South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Illinois are just a few of these states that may already be leaning towards the intervention of the federal government for its workers’ compensation programs.

If given more control over workers’ compensation laws, the federal government may actually take steps to prevent alternate programs from being used by employers and employees alike. Substitute medical programs have, in many cases, the potential to actually save employers money while simultaneously giving employees better medical care and rates. Federal influence would likely try to make it more difficult to use such programs, as they can take funding or collections directly away from the government entity controlling workers’ compensation programs in a state.

For more information regarding the recent DOL report, you can actually view it in its entirety by clicking here and visiting the DOL government website. If you are concerned about what may happen to you as an employee or employer, have no worries. Thomas F. Martin, PLC and our Santa Ana workers’ comp attorney can explain any workers’ compensation law and handle any case that may arise from it. Call 714.594.5389 to schedule a free case evaluation today.

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