Smart Workplace Safety Tips to Help Prevent Common On-the-Job Accidents

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 21-Apr-2017

At Thomas F. Martin, PLC, Orange County Workers’ Compensation Attorney Thomas Martin has helped innumerable clients seek fair workers’ compensation benefits after being in a workplace accident. But no matter how much we enjoy our jobs and the satisfying feeling of closing a case with success, it would be undeniably better if there were no on-the-job accidents in the first place. After all, workplace safety may ultimately be the responsibility of supervisors, regulators, and parent companies, but it falls upon all of us to help the zero-accident goal a real possibility.

Keep these tips to avoid common workplace accidents in mind whenever on-the-job:

  • Slip and trip accident prevention: From retail stores to office locations, slip hazards are a real problem for employees that can result in serious injuries. All walkways should be well-lit, clear of clutter and cables, and dry. If there is a slip hazard, safety cones should be placed around it to prevent people from walking there until the issue is fixed.
  • Ergonomic equipment: Repetitive stress injuries have proven to be a health hazard for office workers, especially carpal tunnel and similar wrist and hand conditions that come after long hours spent at a computer. Ask your supervisor for ergonomic equipment that is designed to prevent repetitive stress injuries in particular.
  • Full shutdown: Whenever someone services, empties, or cleans a piece of heavy machinery, or any equipment with sharp parts, it should be completely shut off, unplugged, and locked out, when possible. Only the person actually servicing the equipment should carry the key to the lockout brace, ensuring no one else could possibly turn the machinery back on.
  • Stay together: If your job requires you to scale heights, cross precarious planks, or enter any otherwise dangerous area – all hazards common to construction and industrial jobs – you should stay close to a coworker as much as possible. In case there is an accident, someone will be there to call for help immediately.
  • Medical kits: There should be ample medical supplies at every workplace for first-aid care and intervention. The larger the worksite, the more first-aid kits there should be. Ideally, it should not take more than one minute for an able-bodied person to reach medical supplies and bring it back to the accident site.

With all the best preventative measures in place, you may still get hurt in a workplace accident, especially if it is caused by someone else’s negligence. If you need professional assistance filing a workers’ comp claim, appealing one that was denied, or fighting for compensation in the courtroom or conference room, know that our Orange County workers’ compensation attorney can help. Learn more about your rights and options today during a free case evaluation – just call 714.594.5389 to begin.

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