Be Mindful of Corruption Affecting Your Workers' Compensation Claim

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 30-Jan-2017

In an ideal world, all employers will want only the best for their employees. If a worker gets hurt while performing on-the-job duties, they should get as much workers’ compensation coverage from their employer or that employer’s insurance company as they need to get back on their feet. Unfortunately, the ideal is not commonplace, and thousands of workers each year find themselves being mistreated or ignored by the companies that they need to lean on for support.

Why would an employer or insurance company try to short an injured worker out of deserved financial assistance? The dishonesty and various forms of corruption can all be linked to what the employee needs: money.

More Claims Means Rising Costs

When an employee files a workers’ compensation claim, they are essentially asking to be “paid” while they recuperate from an injury and not work. Employers may take an immediate stance against this just on the principle of paying someone who isn’t technically working at that moment. But they may also know that if a claim is approved, the company’s own monthly premiums paid to its insurer are likely to go up. The more claims that are filed, the more the premiums rise, just as if you were involved in multiple car crashes across only a few years.

If an employer doesn’t have any problem with helping its employee file a workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company itself may take issue with it. After all, the money that makes its way to the worker originates from the insurer, not the employer. If it is looking to save some of its own finances, an insurance company may reject a claim without proper reasoning.

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