Putting Workers First

Posted By Thomas F. Martin, PLC || 20-Jan-2017

Love him or hate him, everyone has an opinion about our new President Donald Trump.

Lost in the endless commentary is a key point made by Trump - American workers get screwed when lawmakers protect corporate profits instead of hardworking people.

That point obviously resonated with voters and got Trump elected.

I practice workers compensation in California, and I can tell you from personal experience - the changes made to the workers compensation system by the California State Legislature over the last 20 years has saved big insurance companies and large corporate employers billions of dollars, but those same changes have ended up destroying the physical and financial health of many workers that are injured on the job.

Getting reasonable medical treatment is more difficult than ever. Recovering for the devastating financial effects of an injury is also more complex and unfair.

The State Legislature is considering yet more changes to the workers compensation system, and as usual, most of the proposals are going to end up hurting ALL injured workers instead of helping people that deserve it.

NAFTA and other trade agreements hurt American workers. Taking away more rights from injured workers hurt California workers.

I hope the California lawmakers remember what motivated voters to elect Trump, and remember to put workers first when they consider future changes to the system.
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