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Do you belong to a labor union? Were you hurt on the job? Filing for workers’ compensation might be more complicated than the average employee’s experience due to your membership to a union. While your union is supposed to be there to help you through difficult times at work, they may just be one more party involved with a claim, inadvertently making things more difficult than they need to be. Allow Thomas F. Martin, PLC and our firm’s Orange County workers’ compensation attorney to sort through your case and simplify it for you.

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Potential Benefits & Disadvantages of Belonging to a Union

Workers’ compensation claims might be supported by your employer who wants to see their employees and coworkers happy in the workplace, but the decision to pay out benefits is not theirs to make. Insurance companies that your employer relies on will be given the choice of accepting or denying a claim. Belonging to a union can be particularly helpful at this point since insurance companies are more likely to listen to a union representative than a single individual.

A union could help your workers’ compensation claim by:

  • Providing you information your employer withheld.
  • Encouraging you to follow through with a claim.
  • Monitoring employer and insurance company behavior.
  • Protect you from penalization for filing a claim.

Being part of a union can work against you in some situations, though. Depending on what the union provides you on a regular basis, such as special healthcare benefits and pay advantages, you might be told that you cannot seek full workers’ compensation. A union representative may also feel the need to take over your claim and file it for you, resulting in accidentally providing incorrect information regarding your accident or injury. If you do choose to allow your union to help you with a workers’ compensation claim, you should also do so with the oversight of an experienced attorney who is not motivated by anything other than your successful recovery.

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Our Santa Ana workers’ compensation lawyer is all about upholding the rights of injured workers in California. Without ties to union contracts or insurance company goals, we can unbiasedly help you through your workers’ compensation filing and promote only what is in your best interests. Get a personal consultation by contacting us online today.

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